What do the abolitionist movement and the women’s rights movements have in common?

‘…meet the Grimke Sis­ters, two women who lived two cen­turies ago. These two fiery activists put their energy into abol­ish­ing Amer­i­can slav­ery. Like many other abo­li­tion­ists of their time, the push for free­dom for black Amer­i­cans was cou­pled with ded­i­ca­tion for equal­ity for women. Abo­li­tion­ist and suf­frag­ist work often over­lapped. I have often com­pared the rhetoric used to keep fel­low human beings in shack­les to the rhetoric used to this day to keep women in a pos­ture of subjugation.

Read on and meet Angelina and Sarah, two woman of courage who did not allow their gen­der to remain muted by the cul­ture nor the church.’


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