“Will You Be My Friend?”

It’s a week since we moved into a new area and a lovely new house, and today Prince and I visited the local special school. With its muted colour scheme, low-stimulant environment, multi-sensory room with aromatherapy, twinkly lights and music, plus hydrotherapy pool for the use of all pupils, it’s not the first time I’ve thought that I could benefit from such a place!

When we entered what will be Prince’s class, a boy immediately walked up to him, stood far too close,  gave him an intense eye-to-eye gaze and said, “Hello. I’m Lenny. Will you be my friend?”

Prince was quite pleased by this response to his mere presence. His face broke into a bashful smile and he gave a quiet but emphatic nod. Then Lenny came up to me, stood far too close, gazed at me intensely and said, “When he comes, do you think he will be my very good friend?”

I replied in the affirmative.

Autism. Sometimes it’s beautiful.

“…whoever welcomes in my name

one such child as this,

welcomes me.”

Matthew 18:5