Five minute Friday – Grace

So thankful for grace! I’ve recently found out that I have a neurological disorder and in order to get better I must rest. This is very, very hard to someone who is so used to over-extending herself for the sake of her family and loved ones. Apparently I’ve made myself worse because of this over-extending – pretending I’m ok when actually I’ve been ill for quite some time. Now it’s as if God has said STOP. I’m just trying to be thankful and to rest in quiet grace. And now I have to go because I’m not supposed to spend long on the computer. God bless to all my readers.

My Awesome Olive Shoots

photoSometimes the person I have the most trouble giving grace to is…


Prone to want things to be fixed and perfect, I fall short constantly. I disappoint me.

On Tuesday, I made a homemade, from-scratch chocolate cake.

And I was given an opportunity to offer grace to a person who needed it.

The cake was for my youngest olive shoot’s 17th birthday.

The Hubs is out of town and I felt a lot of pressure (from me) to make the day special.

It would be the first birthday when Ike wouldn’t be hearing from his grandpa.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s along with a deceiving brother-in-law have robbed my son of this simple pleasure.

So imagine my disappointment when I opened the oven door and saw a disaster of a dessert!

If Ike were to look at this cake and consider it a representation of my love for him, he might…

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One thought on “Five minute Friday – Grace

  1. I’m so sorry to learn you received from disturbing news. You already were handling a Herculean amount of needs, now it seems that the Lord is giving you a chance to rely on Him more. Abiding in His grace is essential. Thank you for encouraging me today, now go take care of yourself and may the Lord bless you today. ❤

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