Calling for a Ceasefire in Syria

I have been praying for Syria for months, as have many others around the world. We have donated money. We have seen the pictures, read the headlines. Watching a country tearing itself apart is horrific. Was there ever such a wretched race as we humans? But there is something we can do:


In 24 hours, for the first time ever, major powers behind this war are going to meet. They say they want to hear the Syrian people’s demands, and they want to show their own public they are doing something. So here is how we get ‘a seat at the table’ — we commission a Syrian opinion poll, set up a live feed from Syrians to get clear demands presented to negotiators at the talks, and a million of us from across the world back the call for a ceasefire.

It has taken a three year bloodbath to get this conference, now we only have hours to be heard.If we come together and build a ceasefire call and then show up boldly on screen and in global numbers at the meeting, we could help bring an end to the carnage. The more of us that join the cry, the more attention we will get, and the more pressure on the parties to respond — sign for a ceasefire in Syria, now.” ~ Avaaz

Please click here to sign a petition calling for all the leaders of the conflict to agree a ceasefire. It will open in a new tab. At the time of writing, there are 145,000 signatories.

Thank you.