Celtic Blessings 2

I love learning about Celtic Christianity. To learn the stories of the courageous, spirit-led men and women who first brought God’s breath to these murky shores. Their stories are in some ways so alien, as they are many centuries removed, yet so human, so filled with the God of grace that one can’t help but be fascinated by the stories of Columba, Aidan, Cuthbert and Hilda. And then later we have the same spirit working through Lady Julian, John Bunyan. Later still the Wesleys, William Wilberforce, the Booths… Truly amazing. What a rich spritual heritage we enjoy! Frank and I have been through a year of Celtic Daily Prayer and have now begun Celtic Daily Light (whose author lives on Lindisfarne, apparently). I look forward to learning more. Frank has been to Iona and Lindisfarne. I would so love to go. Maybe we will, now that the children are a little older.

A Pastor's Thoughts

I am the wind that breathes upon the sea,celtic_cross.jpg

I am the wave on the ocean,

I am the murmur of leaves rustling,

I am the rays of the sun,

I am the beam of the moon and stars,

I am the power of trees growing,

I am the bud breaking into blossom,

I am the movement of the salmon swimming,

I am the courage of the wild boar fighting,

I am the speed of the stage running,

I am the strength of the ox pulling the plough,

I am the size of the mighty oak tree,

And I am the thoughts of all people Who praise my beauty and grace.


I saw a stranger last night.

I put food in the eating place,

Drink in the drinking place,

Music in the listening place,

And in the Name of the Triune God,

He blessed myself and my cattle and…

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