All Aboard the Number Two

I just want to share this here as well as on my eco blog. Innit marvellous!

The Un-paving Paradise Project

What a brilliant idea. That’ll get the job done. I was thinking only the other day how human waste is an unused, ever-renewable resource***. We must be able to utilise it more. Ingenious!

*** I really, really must get out more.

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One thought on “All Aboard the Number Two

  1. I need some help, Sandy, with my neighbor boy. He is here for five hours two nights a week, and for dinner both times. He has Aspergers and ADHD. Grandmother didn’t say sensory processing disorder along with it, but she did add depression.The eating issues are far more difficult than I thought. As far as I know he will only eat pancakes, french toast, sausage (a kind I don’t buy), baked potato, peanut butter and jelly, scrambled eggs, mac n cheese (I don’t buy or make this), plain pasta and keylime yogurt (we don’t buy this kind). Does this sound typical? Does it have to do with balance or color or texture or could it be just about anything? He doesn’t like to answer questions so I try not to ask many. I don’t want to be unkind and have to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich too often, but I can’t always predict with certainty what days I can get to the grocery store and when we’ll run out of eggs, etc. The first two nights grandma sent food, and then stopped. Last night he wouldn’t touch the baked ziti because it had sauce and yet he said he was starving. The only thing we had that he would say yes to was the sandwich. I had an inkling it had to do with the autism. Do their choices change over time, or stay the same? Maybe she is feeding him when they get home, which is late though, about 10 PM. Should I just let grandma worry about it? I am going to try really hard to make sure we always have eggs, at least.

    He doesn’t seem to have any trouble bonding with people. Is bonding/relationships the main difference between this type of autism and the other types (although I know they did away with the aspie name). Or is it just a matter of how profoundly one is affected? His doesn’t seem very serious, although at times when he needs to make his feelings known, his sentences will come out slower. Facts and such come out fluently.
    Thank you!

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