Lent: Dear God

Dear God,

Not for the first time, I realise. I know nothing. I also realise that, without You, I am – er –

mostly –


That you consider me worth Your time amazes me (heck, you invented Time, why did you even bother with humanity?). The fact that I have realised this, again, makes me want to tell You again: I am willing. What do You need me to do? Not that You need me to do anything, but You make me a needed part of Your incredible story. I will always be amazed.


Thank you.

lots of love


Pictures from https://nateomac.wordpress.com/2011/11/page/2/ and http://hellogiggles.com/yo-meh-yall-fake-words-cant-live-without/meh

3 thoughts on “Lent: Dear God

  1. I’m with you. Though I think humanity’s a lot more wonderful than Time, or even Space! More flawed and frustrating and problematic too, of course, but you can’t love or relate to time or space in the way you can with humanity. I remember hearing some scientist saying that, while humans may not be awe-inspiring in the way that (say) a nebula in outer space is, our brains/minds are nonetheless the most complex things in the universe, at least as far as we currently know…

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