How Well Do You Love?

On that day when I stand face to face with my King, He won’t ask me how well I sang in worship, how well I knew my bible or how many Sundays my backside warmed the pew. No, He’ll ask me how I served ‘the least of these’; He’ll ask me how well I loved.

Questions: what is love? What does it look like in practice? What needs to happen within us to change our inside as well as our outside?

2 thoughts on “How Well Do You Love?

  1. My own working definition of love (which coincidentally comes from the piece I’m planning to post next!) is something like:

    “The unconditional commitment to the well-being and wholeness of another person, spiritually, emotionally and physically – both in our attitude and actions.”

    However, of course most of us can’t achieve that towards most people. And nor are we completely responsible for other people’s well-being – and as you’ve pointed out it has to be with the right motivation.

    I suppose a more ‘biblical’ definition would be 1 Corinthians 13, or 1 John 4:7 onwards…

    I’d say that truly Christlike love is something we can never fully achieve in this life, but we can grow towards it the more we open ourselves to Christ’s love.

    • I like your final sentence. That about sums up what the entire Christian life is, or should be. If love is our focus and our goal, maybe all the other stuff falls into place (as much as it’s ever going to in this life).

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