Reblog: Don’t Make Yourself Into Anyone Other Than the One He Intended

I don’t know why, but I was drawn to the post below like a fish on a hook. My illness may or may not go away, but I can’t pretend it’s not there. I can’t pretend my life hasn’t left me a bit battered and bruised and broken (stubborn though I may be). All that is left for me, for the foreseeable future (which is never as far as we think) is to love my family and to write. It seems so very little. But this post puts into words what I’ve sensed God saying to me: just be you.
I protest, reminding God that I am a bit – er – eccentric, and God reminds me that He already knows, cos He made me that way, and that as long as I am being me for His sake, and not being me for my sake, then I’m doing what He made me for. One day at a time.

Contemplative in the Mud

Basilica at PaduaA couple of years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Padua, where Anthony of Padua and Lisbon is buried. It may not be obvious from this blog, but Anthony is one of my favourite saints. I had been to his birthplace is Lisbon before, and now I had the opportunity to visit his shrine and tomb in Padua. This was wonderful!

Now, what does all that have to do with contemplation? Anthony is not usually thought of in association with contemplation. We normally think of Anthony as someone to pray to to help us find lost items or to help us find our way. In reality, Anthony of Padua is the “Hammer of Heretics” and is a Doctor of the Church! He has a wide lists of talents.

padua2One thing I like about Anthony is his personal history. He seems to have had trouble with the idea of…

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