Reblog: Iceland and Aylan


As Christians, who are called to love the weak, to offer shelter to the shelter-less, we must do more. It is not enough to feel sorry for the plight of the refugees. Ask yourself what can I do?

Kingdoms Collide

I have had my next post to write here in my mind for the past couple days and had begun working on it this afternoon when I hopped on to facebook for the first time in almost a full day. I don’t know how frequently it is popping up for others, but with the number of friends I now have living here in Turkey, what I was seeing could not be put off. It would be irresponsible of me not to share what I have been seeing.

First of all, the good news. For a few days now, Iceland has been making the headlines and I have to stand up and applaud the kind and generous hearts of so many families there. A little over a week back, the government there announced that is was willing to take fifty Syrian Refugees. The people knew that they could do far batter…

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