No matter where we start, our life with God must pass through the cross. In a day filled with all sorts of spiritual options, it is hard to recognise the enduring testimony of this uniquely Christian approach. The idea of the cross and the sense of sacrifice it entails call us to a path different from every other.

~ Longing for God by Richard Foster and Gayle Beebe

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Yes, definitely, and a good reminder.

    The way of the cross does of course mean sacrifice in a fairly straightforward way – yet I think it can mean much more than that too. For example I think it can also mean bringing every part of ourselves continually to God for him to (as it were) put it to death and restore it to renewed, resurrected life.

    And when we think of Jesus’s hard words that all who would follow him must take up their cross, I think we also need to remember that he promised that his yoke was light and his burden easy. There are green pastures and still waters as well as the hard rocky climbs.

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