Reblog: Giving Bartimaeus a Voice: Hearing those with disabilities in our churches (Mark 10:48-52)

Amen! Excellent post. As a wife and mother of people with sensory issues, I really appreciate the fact that that’s had a mention! It’s usually overlooked. I would also extend this invitation for accessibility to include those with mental health difficulties. The church often has very little room for those of us whose brains don’t function quite right and/or who have been traumatised so often that it has altered the way our brains function.

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BartimaeusSo Jesus and the disciples are heading out onto the pilgrim road to Jerusalem. They’ve fallen in with a large crowd, because you don’t go from Jericho to Jerusalem without expecting to go toe-to-toe with bandits, and this crowd attracts the attention of a beggar sitting by the road. He’s a blind man, by the name of Bartimaeus, and when he hears that Jesus Is coming, he starts shouting out to the Son of David. Of course, people tell him to shut up, because that’s what people do when tramps start shouting and embarrassing everyone.

Bartimaeus has been pushed to the margins. He’s living out on the edge of town, and when he tries to speak out, he’s immediately silenced. Maybe that’s due to his social status, maybe his disability, maybe both, but no-one expects him to have anything useful to say. No-one, that is, except Jesus.

Jesus immediately gives…

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