The Miracle Giver

“…wise folk never reject the possibility of miracles… [but] it’s less important to seek after miracles than it is to hunger after the miracle giver… Many folk wear out the path to a miracle or something they believe is of God, but they don’t bother to seek the Lord and Saviour.”

~ spoken by ‘Mammi’ in ‘The Love Letters’ by Beverly Lewis

3 thoughts on “The Miracle Giver

    • It’s a very ancient message, actually, in the sense that both St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross make the same emphasis on God, not on our experiences of God. Even more interesting when it comes from the mouth of an Amish/Mennonite character in a novel! Part of the ‘dark night of the soul’ is recognising that I love God and am dedicated to God even when I don’t sense Him at all.

      • Yes, and you could probably even argue that it’s one of the most ancient messages in the Bible – certainly in Psalms, but also perhaps in the book of Job which some think is the oldest text in the Bible. Looks like the dark night of the soul has always been a key part of religious experience.

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