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Excellent post. We sometimes want things to be too easy, and in the making and muddling of ‘too easy’ it becomes too complicated. I struggle with the idea of gifting because of my self-effacing tendencies, but this has brought some things into focus.
Also, I am really enjoying reading Positively Powerless. It’s given me a couple of aha! moments already. A paradigm shifter of a book and one that more Christians need to be aware of, especially those within evangelical circles, where the cult of positivity is at its most insidious (from my personal experience here in the UK).

Enough Light

I’ve been subjected to “spiritual gift tests” several times in my Christian life. By my wording, you can guess that I am not really a fan of these gift tests. I suppose there is a time and place for them, but I do not think they should be considered the primary or most accurate way to discover your spiritual gifts.

These tests are so subjective, in various ways. The tests themselves (usually multiple choice) are created by human beings and the wording of the questions themselves could skew results. And the personality and perspective of the person taking the test can skew results. No one can view themselves purely objectively, and our opinion of our proclivities could go either way.

[Not to mention that the spiritual gift options themselves can vary. I was amused that a recent spiritual gift test I had to take was clearly written by a charismatic…

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