The Way We Were

I came across the video below while looking for a definition of ‘information superhighway’ which was mentioned in a novel called Fear the Sky by Stephen Moss (I remain a dyed-in-the-wool ‘hard’ SF fan). Way back in the 90s I used to curl up on the settee next to my dad to watch Tomorrow’s World. I remember being utterly captivated by the idea of cyberspace, to the point that I wrote a science fiction novel (sadly incomplete) set in a time where hoverboards were the norm (thank you, Michael J. Fox), using magnetic strips in the roads with the rider’s hoverboard containing an opposing magnetic force, people communicated via wristwatches which doubled as fully interconnected computers, inter-planetary travel was possible and Mars had been made partially inhabitable. My central character was a teenager who was one of the second wave of Martian settlers. Strangely, many of these things are not too far from the truth! Anyway, I’ll leave Maggie Philbin (remember her?) to it:

Oh, the joys of 20:20 hindsight!



3 thoughts on “The Way We Were

  1. Hard SF? I’m afraid I remain a soft SF reader with hard leanings. I started reading Greg Egan’s Diaspora but couldn’t get into it. I’ve read Stephen Baxter’s Flood and Ark, but I skim-read the technical stuff and focussed on the social side of the books.

    • Perhaps yours would be a better description, lol, but you are more precise. It is the human element that always drives the story. The great Isaac Asimov is still unsurpassed, imo, though I’m loving Fear the Sky and Jurassic Park currently 😀

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