10 Second Sermons

Comedian Milton Jones’ book 10 Second Sermons is witty, entertaining and insightful. Here are a few snippets that made me smile:

“There are lots of versions of the bible. AV, NIV, RSV… the easiest to use is the PVC version – you just stretch it to say whatever you want it to.”

Funnily enough, I have come across folk- who read the PVC bible. Have you? Mind you, then there are others whose bible is pure concrete, no room for anything as flexible as Grace, or Mercy…

Here’s another:

“You have to remember that the bible is often a translation of someone trying to communicate the indescribable.”

Indeed. Balaam’s donkey being one of the most fascinating examples.

“Hearing God’s voice is often like trying to hear a satnav that you’ve locked in the boot of your car because you thought you wouldn’t need it.”

I can relate to that. The number of times I have said to God, “I’m fine! I looked it up on the map before I started. No, no, really, look, I’m fine!”

Some time later I find myself repentant and lost.

Finally, this little gem:

“Church should be everyone arriving with one piece of the jigsaw.”


You can buy Milton Jones’ 10 Second Sermons here.