The Least of These: Let’s not turn away vulnerable child refugees

From the UK government petitions website:

The government should accept the call to give sanctuary to child refugees who are alone and at risk in Europe.

95,000 child refugees are on their own in Europe as a result of the refugee crisis. They are sleeping rough and in makeshift camps, desperately vulnerable to abuse and to trafficking into modern slavery. 

We rightly look back with pride at the leadership our nation showed in rescuing 10,000 children from Europe through the Kindertransport. 

Britain must not turn its back on refugees today.

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Thank you.

Letter to my MP

Dear **** MP,

Today you will vote in parliament regarding whether the UK should join the air strikes against the terrible phenomenon that calls itself Islamic State. Not since WWII have we witnessed such barbaric ideological extremism threatening to spread across an already unstable region.

I do not know whether it is right for the UK to join with others against Islamic State, or whether we should refrain from getting involved in yet another war, where British troops inevitably become perpetrators of violence against innocent victims. It is a terrible decision to have to make. I write to tell you that I will pray for you and all other MPs today to make the right decision.

Yours sincerely…

Please consider contacting your local MP.