Not to be confused with Lambada

Probability and statistics can get a little dry (according to some people – personally, I don’t see it, I find it fascinating). Today I have learned a new symbol, lambda:

The lower-case Greek letter ‘lambda’

In probability theory lambda, in the words of wikipedia, ‘represents the density of occurrences within a time interval, as modeled by the Poisson distribution.’

The page helpfully instructs ‘Not to be confused with lambada‘. At once I was imagining brown corduroy-clad male Maths teachers whipping their mustard-yellow ties above their heads in time to raunchy Latin rhythms, with a feisty lady teacher (because the female science and Maths teachers were always rather lively) standing at the side launching haddock at the whirling dervishes and shouting “Poisson distribution! Poisson distribution!” with each fishy missile.

This mad image had me in fits of giggles. I seem to have been alone in my mirth, however. Much like Sheldon. Frank just raised his eyebrows. He’s a very placid fellow. That’s why we complement one another so well.


I start EMDR in earnest next week. From what I understand, it’s like going through the trauma all over again, only this time the brain processes it all properly, so that it doesn’t keep leaping out at you like ghosts from the past that you have no control over. I have to make a ‘comfort box’ filled with things that help me feel ok. I think humour is definitely going in that box, one way or another.