The One No one Else Wanted

After years of vehemently opposing the notion of pet ownership, Frank acceded to the acquisition of two rescued guinea pigs. This was in 2015. We got the first two piggies in January 2016. A few months later one of our piggies let us in on a secret – a surprise baby! Three months later the mummy died (sniff) and we went to the guinea pig rescue again. This time we came home with another two piggies. One of these had serious health issues and… well, suffice it to say, we have five guinea pigs now, all unwanted by their previous owners, and they’re all in good health, apart from one, but we do our best for him and he’s a contented little chap.

Last September we decided to get some fish. You know, just a couple… Fast forward six months and we have seven coldwater fish and 15 tropical fish, bringing our total pet count to 27. The coldwater fish all have names, but by the time we got to the tropical we were done with that idea! We have a loach called Ken (geddit?) and his missus is Barbie. The goldfish are Elizabeth, Bob and Sue, and the little danio-wotsits are Danio and Philio, after Chip’s favourite youtubers. Danio and Philio live in a micro tank in Frank’s office, and Mr. I Have Forsworn All Contact With Animals Unless They’re On My Plate takes pleasure in feeding them and checking their water.

And then… We got a dog! He’s between 9 and 11 years old and was the one dog at the rescue that no one else wanted. Both my girls said they wanted to get the dog that no one else wanted – and I was so proud of them for making that choice. And bless his little mutton chops he’s a genuine sweetie. We wouldn’t change him for the world. What a blessing!

Since we got the dog we also acquired two rabbits, also rescued. The dog and the rabbits are beginning to come up to condition, poor things. Fluff has found herself a horse and two ponies to look after, too, in return for a ride or two. So we now live in a menagerie. Life is messy and chaotic but occasionally quite beautiful. And always, always funny.