Operation Christmas Child

It’s that time of year again… time to dig out your shoeboxes and fill ’em up with TOYS.




This year we have three shoeboxes left over from buying start-of-school-year shoes, and over the past week we have been buying all manner of delights to fill them with, ready to send to a child who would not otherwise get anything for Christmas. Operation Christmas Child is run by Samaritan’s Purse, an American organization. You fill your shoebox with toys, sweeties and gifts and then take it to a collection point. Many churches and schools collect shoeboxes. It is easy to do and great fun. It is also a wonderful way to teach children about those less fortunate than themselves. For most children in the UK, the idea of a child getting nothing for Christmas is unimaginable.


Here’s what we have been filling our shoeboxes with:

Bar of soap

Sweets (voluntarily bought by my lovely Fluff out of her own pocket money!)



‘Magic’ Disney flannel:

It expands into a flannel on contact with water

Skipping rope, bouncy ball or beach ball (one for each box)

Pencils with rubbers on top



Colouring pencils

Colouring books

Miniature farm animals

Finger puppets

How cute are these?!




To find out more about how you can bless a child in the developing world this Christmas, please click here.