A Day in the Life of a Proverbs 31 Husband

Another reblog!

This made me chuckle thinking of what my husband might write about me. I’m the epitome of the long lost Proverbs 47 woman. The rest of Proverbs got stuck down the back of the sofa along with three polo mints and a lottery scratchcard, so people haven’t generally heard of it. Also, of course, there’s the Proverbs 48 man: ‘A husband of goodly manners, who can find? He putteth down the toilet seat and cleaneth out the sink after shaving…’

I don’t know why but I’m reminded of a telephone conversation I had with my mother several years ago. I may have shared this story before. Where I come from ‘pastor’ is pronounced the same as ‘pasta’. Also, most church leaders are not ‘pastor’ but vicar or minister, etc. ‘Pastor’ is quite unusual. So when I said I had an appointment with the pastor my mother thought I was joking about my lunch, laughed, and told me she’d just had a sandwich. I didn’t know why she was talking about sandwiches all of a sudden, but it was clear she was more than a little worried when I said I was going to talk to the ‘pasta’…

Tim's Blog - Just One Train Wreck After Another

Hey Pal!

I know I’ve owed you an email for a while. Sorry about not staying in touch, but life here has been crazy. Just as a for instance, here’s what yesterday was like for me.

9:00 – Got out of bed. I woke up earlier but my wife told me to sleep in because she had everything covered. I have so much confidence in her I just had to roll over and go back to sleep.

9:05 – She brought me breakfast all the way from the kitchen on the other side of the house. And this house is HUGE. I mean, I don’t mean to boast but with the money she brings home from her flax and wool factory she insisted I should enjoy the lifestyle she can afford to give me.

10:00 – I headed to the city park to brag about my wife. Seriously, those other…

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